Petition for Vera Twomey to appear on the Late Late Show

Vera Twomey and Ava Barry

Following John Madden’s article for The Galway Eye last week about Athlone’s Kenny Tynan, we are happy to support this online petition calling for Vera Twomey to be interviewed on the Late Late Show.

Vera Twomey’s daughter, Ava Barry suffers from Dravet’s Syndrome, an incurable form of epilepsy only healed by Medicinal Cannabis Oil. Vera walked from Cork to Dublin to highlight the urgent need to have Medicinal Cannabis legalized for her daughter. 7-year-old Ava must live in Holland to avail of this herb that cures her epilepsy. The Irish government refuse to talk or discuss the legalization of Medicinal Cannabis.


Medicinal Cannabis Oil is a healing herb and had been used to alleviate certain cancer side effects, MS, Parkinson’s Disease, among many other serious illnesses. We want to see Vera Twomey on the Late Late Show.